Purchase Options

Purchase our innovative products outright

This is the opportunity for you to install your very own fodder growth system. Take these units to your very own farm, and feed directly to your own livestock. We are here to help along the way, from turnkey installation to technical service as you utilize these systems. Long story short, is your chance to start your sustainable feed journey on your own farm.

Start a new farming co-op using our systems

Worried you don’t have enough animals to utilize all the fodder? Talk to your neighbors. We would love to help facilitate a farming co-op in order to get the max usage out of your system.

Make a purchase of fodder only without a system

If you are not interested in running the system by yourself but would like the benefits of fodder for your livestock, please reach out. Another option is the installation of a local system owned and operated by UpGrowth Ag, where you can purchase fodder as needed.

Start your own FAAS operation

Think there is plenty of need for fodder in your area? We would love to partner with you on starting a Feed as a Service operation near you. This involves determining local demand, finding a location, and nailing out how the feed center will be run.