Transforming the
livestock feed industry
amidst supply challenges

Farmers are facing
numerous production hurdles

The livestock feed industry is facing intense challenges. The numerous problems lie in struggling to diversify feed sources, enhance efficiency, and increase overall sustainability. 

Cattle feed costs are consistently rising

Import dependence is creating fluctuations in availability

Land is limited, making local sourcing difficult

Climate change is affecting production & quality

Safety standards are high for nutrition value & feed quality

Financial stability is dependent on a volatile market

Overhauling operations is an overwhelming task

Overhauling operations in the livestock feed industry to incorporate efficiency, smart technology, and new systems presents a formidable challenge.

Implementing such changes requires a significant investment of both financial resources and time. Many feed growers may face constraints such as limited capital, lack of expertise in emerging technologies, and difficulty finding viable land for farming.

HydroGreen was designed to
stabilize feed operations

Higher cost savings with local production

HydroGreen lowers feed costs by producing high-quality feed locally, improving farm profitability and reducing import dependence.

Sustainable with minimal water usage

The system encourages environmentally friendly production with minimal water usage and a reduced carbon footprint.

More efficient use of space for growing

The vertical shelves of HydroGreen are deal for areas with limited agricultural land, maximizing yield in compact spaces.

Workload reduction with automation

HydroGreen incorporates advanced technology for efficient, automated feed production that doesn't fluctuate with the supply chain.

More local availability, more nutrition, & a stable growing system

Using vertical shelves, HydroGreen systems produce high yields in a small area. This reduces the need to import feed due to struggles with land availability and stabilizes feed production. 

Compared to traditional farming methods, this innovative way of producing crops is sustainable, controllable, and flexible.

HydroGreen products are being incorporated around the world

How the growth system works


A bed of seed is scattered onto the level area by an automated seeder machine.


Growth is initiated once water is misted onto the crop from above via a smart system.


As the seeds sprout, drip irrigation feeds the roots and LED lighting cycles on & off.


The fodder is harvested and cut to size, fresh, ready to use and nutrient-rich.

A powerful new way to revolutionize livestock feed farming

By taking the power out of the supply chain and putting it into the hands of farmers, we’re changing the way we look at sustainability and self-reliance. 

Optimal nutrition value

Sustainable feed production

Self-reliant farming

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A revolutionary change for
the livestock feed industry

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