About Us

A vision for self-sustaining growth

UPGROWTH AG emerged from the collaboration of two families, driven by a mission to provide farmers in Asia with the ability to be self-reliant and regain sustainable sources in feeding livestock.

The visionary founders, Nate and Colt Sargent invited Jake and Vivian Kim to join them in their effort to integrate vertical fodder growth systems to Korea, Japan, Mongolia, and eventually all of Asia. 

Empowering livestock farmers

Following several years of research, sourcing, and modeling we determined that the primary purpose of this venture is to empower Asian livestock farmers by identifying and integrating innovative products and services, specifically focusing on efficient and sustainable livestock feed solutions. The ultimate goal is to bridge the gaps in livestock feed supply chains by introducing cutting-edge technologies and practices.

UPGROWTH AG sees an immense opportunity to introduce advanced technologies to the countries they have lived, South Korea, North Korea, and Hong Kong, with vertical fodder growth systems as a solution to feed shortages and land constraints. The potential to address these issues makes this venture highly promising.

A revolutionary change for
the livestock feed industry

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