Fodder Growth Systems

Grow livestock feed, 365 days a year

Our system is made to be simple and easy for livestock feed growing, anywhere in the world. 

Use up to 95% less water when growing

Grow more, with reduced water usage. Our vertical growth pastures are customizable to your farm’s needs – with a more compact option for small-to-medium farms and a larger option for commercial-scale operations. 

Our innovative Hydrogreen fresh forage is packed with nutrition for your livestock, and can help increase feed intake, milk production, conception rate,  and daily rate of gain.

Sustainable feed production with the HydroGreen System

By offering a nutritionally rich feed that can be grown in small, local areas, the HydroGreen system can reduce the overall costs of livestock maintenance and improve profitability.

No supply chain delays

Less fluctuations from environmental factors

Repurpose compact land plots for growing

Create reliability over quality & availability

Enhance animal health with more nutrition

Reduce carbon footprint with green systems

How the growth system works


A bed of seed is scattered onto the level area by an automated seeder machine.


Growth is initiated once water is misted onto the crop from above via a smart system.


As the seeds sprout, drip irrigation feeds the roots and LED lighting cycles on & off.


The fodder is harvested and cut to size, fresh, ready to use and nutrient-rich.

Adaptable for harvesting flexibility

From commercial agriculture operations to mid-sized dairy farms and ranches, the HydroGreen system offers two unique layouts that are adaptable to any size operation.

The GLS 808 is a larger machine with eight levels that are designed to be fully harvested each day. The GLS 808 supports the feeding needs of large commercial-scale dairy farms and ranches (1,000+ cows). These machines are planned in multiples of 6 (12, 24, or more), installed within an indoor controlled environment. For example, […]

The DGS 66 machine is 6 levels high and designed to be harvested one level each day. This machine addresses the needs of medium-sized dairy farms and ranches with approximately 100 – 500 heads of cattle. One to several machines can be installed within an indoor, controlled environment. For example, two DGS 66 machines can […]

A revolutionary change for
the livestock feed industry

See how the HydroGreen System can benefit you.